This area should serve as a record of all the frames I have produced.

009 – Road

Road frame built from the moulds of 007

Status – For Sale

008 – Gravel

Updated Gravel Design

Status – Completed

007 – The Space Cowboy

Lightweight touring build

Status – Completed

006 – Ale’s Gravel

Race spec gravel frame

Status – Custom Build

005 – Lightweight Road

A rim brake road frame built to debut my new tubeset

Status – Show Build

004 – Jesse’s Gravel

First commissioned frame. A gravel frame for Jesse

Status – Custom Build

003 – Bespoked Gravel Build

Version 2 of frame 002, but with mild tweaks and improvements

Status – Personal Build

002 – Gravel Bike

First Build with new moulds and dropped chainstay design

Status – Personal Build

001 – Lugged Road Frame

Classic lugged style with a few modern considerations

Status – Personal Build